Total Quilter with Special QS Bundle

Special Offer on a training dvd & stabilizer bundle worth $500 for everyone who buys Total Quilter by December 31st!

As the holiday season draws near, Floriani and Quilters Select have been preparing an AMAZING present for Total Quilter Software users. Total Quilter has always combined the power of Quilt Builder, My Decorative Quilter II, and Appli-Quilt into one powerful quilting software, but now has NEW ENHANCEMENTS added just for you! These exciting new features include a Seam Allowance Tool, Curve Line Input Tool, Arc Line Input Tool, Steil-Run Tool, Motif Features, and more!

But right now through December 31, if you purchase the Total quilter Software, you will also be able to receive a Quilters Select bundle with a retail value of $500 for ONLY $100!

This bundle includes the Total Quilter Software Fundamentals training video series! This 26-video collection contains resources regarding overview and resources, features, general how-to, Appli-Quilt basics, Quilt Builder basics, and much, much more!

In addition to this comprehensive software, this bundle also includes a variety of Quilters Select stabilizers to help you along with your quilting projects!

Take advantage of this limited time offer, and treat yourself during this festive season! With the combined resources and inspiration provided by Floriani’s quilting software, software training, and Quilters Select unique quilting products, you can truly bring your projects to life!