Top Selling Colors

ARRIVING MID JUNE! By Popular Demand!

We’ve created thread sets with the highest selling threads in the Floriani Polyester Line! You have the choice of either 120 or 60 of the TOP selling Floriani colors!

Initial supplies will be limited!

Until the end of July, when you will receive a FREE design set when you buy either set! Get 50 designs when you buy the TOP 60 selling colors set! Get 125 designs when you buy the TOP 120 selling color set! FREE designs worth $200-$500, depending on which set you choose!

This 80 thread set is made up of colors that were not included in our original 360 Poly assortment!

Give the gift of the NEW this coming Holiday season with this special deal combining the thread from our limited editi on Encore Threads 3 thread set, both 2017 Trending Color sets, and our Brand New 30 Colors Thread set! AND as a bonus we will be including a 100 design collection of Floriani Holiday Designs worth $500! That’s almost a $1000 retail value for LESS than $300!

Christmas in June/July 2018 specials are available: June 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018.
Specials and free items only available for participating dealers in US.