New Floriani 120 Thread Sets

Seeing how much Floriani fans LOVED the original Floriani 120 Color Spectrum Set, we were inspired to create TWO NEW 120 spool thread sets to complete the Floriani line of color! Now customers who bought the first 120 spectrum set can bring home entire rainbow to complete their collection with these GORGEOUS sets! Even for first time buyers, by having one of these sets, they will be able to implement double and split complementary colors, as well as square and triadic colors! These color schemes will offer new ways to bring their designs to the next level! Get the excellent results with these carefully organized, unique thread sets. Each spool is 1000m of Floriani Polyester.

F120TS2 – Your price ONLY: $729.99!
F120TS3 – Your price ONLY: $729.99!

And don’t forget the original 120 Spool Thread Color Spectrum set! This first, beautiful set of Floriani colors has been a big seller throughout 2017 and is available now with its sister sets for the Holidays at $729.99 for consumers!

F120TS – Your price ONLY: $729.99!