Floriani Stabilizer Starter Kit

Are you looking for the perfect introduction to Floriani? We have the perfect bundle for you! We have put together a stabilizer bundle of 7 of our most popular stabilizers in 10” x 3 yards rolls, letting customers sample many of our best-selling products in one bundle! As a part of our Year End Sell Out Promotion, they will come with a set of 10 Designs for FREE!

This Bundle includes

  • Floriani Heat N Sta, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky, 10” x3yds
  • Floriani Cutaway Medium Fusible, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani Wet N Stick w/Grid, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani No Show Fusible Mesh Beige, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani Water Soluble Topping, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani Heat N Gone, 10” x 3yds
  • Floriani Design Collection 22

Stabilizers subject to change depending on supply.