2018 Spring Summer Collection of Trending Colors

Selected by the most influential Fashion Designers in the industry!

This Trending Colors Thread Set is a vibrant mixture of vitality, relaxation and the Great Outdoors! This package contains your essential color guide to the season with an assortment to fully capture the promises, hopes and transformations that we long for each spring and summer.

These threads are perfect for all of your seasonal creations, whether you want to add warmth and growth with colors like “Meadowlark,” “Blooming Dahlia” and “Spring Crocus,” or add soothing and cool tones with colors like “Little Boy Blue,” “Ultra Violet” and “Arcadia.”

This Limited Edition Thread Set is only available while supplies last so don’t let the spring and summer pass you by!

Christmas in June/July 2018 specials are available: June 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018.
Specials and free items only available for participating dealers in US.