Floriani Newest 60 Thread Set

The brilliant luster of these 60 new colors will make your embroidery stand out like no other and the luxurious finish Floriani uses on the thread will make your machine very happy! Our focus for this unique collection is beautiful flesh tones as well as a unique earth palette.  These 60 new colors will complete your Floriani thread collection perfectly!

Remember that our Floriani 40 weight Polyester Embroidery thread is made of very durable, color-fast materials.  It is resistant to bleaching or exposure to sun light or salt water.  This makes it ideal for embroidery or embellishment on baby items, uniforms, beach wear, towels and other materials that may require repeated laundering or bleach.


60 New Poly Colors
RNK Item Number
PF0100 PF1510
PF0139 PF1514
PF0151 PF1545
PF0153 PF1608
PF0161 PF1609
PF0195 PF1898
PF0199 PF2417
PF0249 PF3103
PF0259 PF3335
PF0296 PF3433
PF0298 PF3435
PF0306 PF3657
PF0352 PF3761
PF0433 PF3763
PF0461 PF3764
PF0462 PF3871
PF0571 PF3877
PF0578 PF3878
PF0591 PF4251
PF0594 PF4321
PF0595 PF4352
PF0600 PF4613
PF0633 PF6001
PF0634 PF6351
PF0652 PF6354
PF0720 PF6502
PF0778 PF6504
PF0779 PF6657
PF0809 PF7983
PF1020 PF7986

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