Floriani Creative Thread Collection

Floriani has created a brand new collection of our beautiful Variegated and Mixed Embroidery Threads.  This 35 cone set features 21 rayon Variegated as well as 14 very unique Mixed colors.  Use the variegated thread to create one of a kind lettering and borders for sports, kids or home dec items. 

Floriani Mixed thread is created by twisting two colors together to form a textured and unique blend which will add dimension to floral stems and petals and a dynamic finish to animal embroidery! 

These Creative threads will change the look of your embroidery instantly and take your creativity to a whole new level! 

Variegated Color Numbers
V50, V11, V13, V19, V22, V22B, 24, V28, V30, V35, V38, V48, V53, V55, V61, V67, V69, V72, V78, V83, V98B

Mixed Color Numbers
FU01, FU02, FU03, FU04, FU05, FU06, FU07, FU08, FU09, FU10, FU11, FU12, FU13, FU14

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